Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Woman from Congo... tackling another commission!

A few weeks ago, a woman from Congo asked me to do her portrait. A few quick layers gave me an approximation of her facial features...

Although this portrait is meant to be a traditional one, I intend to leave a few remnants of expressionism (my preferred style) from this first pass...

Note: It's been a while since I've painted on gessoed canvas. Based on my recent patterns, it doesn't seem the support matters any more!

In parallel to this, I'm having a number of my works from the past three years exhibited in a small gallery in Cowansville, the town where I was born.

 These works and those of other local artists were selected based on the general theme "passion". Other such exhibitions are planned for in the spring. I intend to tackle the Quebec market next year with truly personal works. In the interim, these multi-artist exhibitions are meant to be a preambule to that! A big thank you to Kevin Brault for this opportunity!

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