Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mask V - step II... A post-mortem spasm of the conventional!!

I used the second pass to try a new technique for the "nylon stocking" texture of the mask...

The third pass will be decisive since I want to part from this boring "illustration" look.

Update: I gave it my best shot but remained unsatisfied with the results. The lighting and the split design made it difficult to produce interesting color patterns while maintaining unity. Furthermore, my use of orange made me realize that this color and yellow have the same value when they are adjacent to each other. The "black and white" version of the painting did not register, and it should have, a key success factor in my view...Well, there's always the next painting to do better!

Note to self: "I'm due for a vacation from painting! May be one to two weeks would be beneficial."

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