Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Femme de feu XIII final... Still learning "roller 101"!

With this third pass, I ended up discarding selective deconstruction in favour of using the roller throughout the picture plane for better or for worst...

With this new CMY color triad for me, I'm forced not to pre-mix colors too much, retaining as much as possible the purity of each color. With the roller, it becomes "impressionism" on a roll on the verge of disaster!

Note to self: "Riding the wave of chaos, all of a sudden, becomes irresistable!"

Subnote to self: "I lost the original value gradient after the last color pass with the roller, so I will need to readjust my colors during the first few passes in the future. This was less of a problem with a monochromatic approach and a dark background."

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